The Best Luxury Men's Watches On Aliexpress | Cheap Mens Watches That Look Expensive

The Best Luxury Men's Watches On Aliexpress

Today, smart watches with broad functionality and good performance can be purchased at a budget price. People have long ceased to use wristwatches solely as a device for showing time. Now this accessory has become a kind of attribute of success and prosperity, it reflects the owner's lifestyle. Wealthy men, as a rule, are especially scrupulous in their choice of watches, choosing expensive, well-known brands. Chinese firms produce worthy luxury watches, which for years have occupied a leading position in the ranking of expensive accessories for men.

Here we have collected 10 affordable watches that look expensive and watches that make you look rich.

1) Nesun N9081-4 (expensive but affordable watches)

This watch looks unusual thanks to the decoration with small sapphires. The time display system here also differs from the standard models. On the left is a display showing the battery level. The hand in the middle shows the time, to the right of it there is a small dial with a clock.
The dial is waterproof, the hands are illuminated. Case diameter is 42 mm, thickness is about 12 mm. The product weighs decently, about 126 grams. The strap is made of real leather, its length is 27 cm. This is a lot, so men with a small wrist should take a closer look at other models. We found no other shortcomings in this watch, they fully meet expectations.

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Naviforce 9113

This sports accessory has 3 sub-dials. They display the day of the week, date and time in 24 hour format. All dials are working, the hands on them move. The device is made of high quality metal alloy. It will not rust over time, the paint will remain in place. The assortment of the store on Aliexpress has different options for color combinations, they all look gorgeous. The model weighs a little less than 180 grams, the strap length is 24.5 cm. Due to its dimensions, the watch may seem too massive, the owners of a small hand will have to reduce the bracelet. But this drawback can hardly be considered serious, because otherwise the product is fully consistent with its price.

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Shengke Sports Man Watch Luxury

This unusual men's watch immediately attracts attention with its design. Instead of a boring mechanical dial or electronic display, there are two rotating discs. Black shows what time it is, color is responsible for minutes. The time display mechanism seems complicated at first, but you can quickly get used to it.
The durable steel strap adds solidity and looks good on the hand. The glass is tough and waterproof, scratch resistant. Thanks to this, the model is suitable for sports men. The kit includes instructions and an iron tool that allows you to adjust the length of the bracelet. Thanks to this, the watch can be worn not only by men, but also by women.

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Pagani Design PD-1639 

PAGANI DESIGN PD-1639 can be safely called a universal men's watch. They are suitable for both sports youth and respectable businessmen. This mechanical model is completely waterproof and can withstand pressures up to 10 bar. For the manufacture was used stainless steel 316 and sapphire crystal. The dimensions of the dial are 43 * 13 mm, the length of the bracelet is 220 mm, and the width is 20 mm. The Japanese Seiko NH35A movement has better accuracy, so the watch does not have to be constantly adjusted.In the reviews they write that PAGANI DESIGN is the best manufacturer of men's accessories on Aliexpress. The workmanship is impeccable, the watch can withstand hand washing and heavy rain. There are no complaints about the operation of the device: excellent running accuracy, simple and convenient adjustment if necessary. The strap became the weakest point of the product: the parts are not too mobile, it will be difficult to adjust the bracelet to fit your hand.

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Readeel Sport Watch

This waterproof model is a great gift for men with a wide wrist, the strap is 27.5 cm long. In one device, two technologies of time display are combined: an electronic display and a mechanical dial with hands. Also, this men's watch has a built-in stopwatch, there is an LED backlight up to 4 seconds.
The water resistance of the electronic watch is 3 bar, which is quite good considering the cost of the product. But manufacturers focus on the fact that you cannot press the keys underwater. The disadvantages include the thickness of the protruding glass and the lack of a box in the kit. Those who plan to buy the product as a gift will have to take care of the packaging.

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Curren 8023

The assembly of these watches is solid, they look very expensive. A weighty product (weight - 148 grams) with a wide bracelet looks worthy even on a large hand. The double buckle on the strap keeps the watch securely on the wrist. By removing the links, you can adjust the length of the bracelet. Of course, additional dials are fake, but if you do not know this, it will be difficult to distinguish the accessory from the products of expensive brands.
Users write in reviews that the watch keeps well for a long time, does not darken, the paint does not peel off. This model combines presentable appearance and functionality at a relatively low cost. The kit includes a quality certificate.

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LIGE 9877

This model looks great, much more expensive than its cost. The case is made of stainless steel, its thickness is just over a centimeter. The diameter of the dial is 4.2 cm, the item weighs about 135 grams. The watch is very accurate thanks to the original quartz movement originating from Japan. They show not only the time, but also the date, as well as the phase of the moon.
Another advantage of this mechanical watch is its water resistance of 3 bar. They withstand hand washing, cool showers, or swimming in a pond. Do not wear the accessory before swimming in hot water. But the disadvantages of Aliexpress users include the strap length of 21 cm.This may not be enough for men with a wide wrist.

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Wristwatches should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also well assembled. This model is just that. Its real appearance is fully consistent with the pictures on the site, the watch is neat and quite heavy. The product will be a great gift for a photographer, because the body depicts a real lens. The packaging in the form of a branded box looks solid and presentable.
The set includes an instruction manual in various languages, including Russian. The strap is long (over 23 cm), you can choose the option from steel, black leather or matt rubber. Holders of a narrow wrist will have to reduce the bracelet, this can only be done with the help of special tools.

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WWOOR Top Brand 8016

This watch combines low price and excellent quality. The stainless steel mesh strap looks good, the material is pleasant to the touch. It can be easily and conveniently adjusted, depending on the size of the wrist. The body is made of zinc alloy, it is waterproof. The watch design is thin and quite graceful, thanks to which the model looks stylish.
The case is 9 mm thick and a little less than 4 centimeters in diameter. The product weighs only 58 g and is hardly felt on the hand. You can find fault only with the calendar, which on the 31st day of the month dangles only in one direction. This is not very convenient, but also not a significant disadvantage. The watch works very quietly, without distracting attention.

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SMAEL 1545

This watch may seem bulky, but it looks chic on the wrist. They were designed for mature and confident men. Due to its functionality, the model is also suitable for sporty young people - it is waterproof, the dial has a protective glass. There is also a stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar and backlight. The device beeps every hour, which is very convenient for those who forget to keep track of the time.
On Aliexpress, the product description says that this is a men's military watch. The design of the strap is appropriate, but you can choose a less provocative pattern or color. The disadvantages include the massiveness of the model - it can look ridiculous on a small wrist.

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