Sengled Floodlight Camera Review | Best Security Light With Camera

Sengled Floodlight Camera Review | Best Security Light With Camera

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First Review for Sengled Floodlight camera

Everyone probably thinks of this as a smart bulb, so did I when I purchased it. But even if you think of it as a Bluetooth speaker, it's a really nice and affordable product. It's sound quality is very good, clear and crisp, a lot better than many of my other Bluetooth speakers that are way more expensive than this one. Bass is a bit weak, but still, not worse than any other speakers I have tried that are more expensive than this one. It is not portable, but it also doesn’t need an extra cable to connect, which is nice to me, as I hate seeing cables floating around. It is quite heavy compared to other bulbs or smart bulbs, and if you look at my photos, it looks different from other bulbs as it only light from the tip, but it is very bright, and the brightness is adjustable from the app. The app also allows you to adjust the speaker volume. However, so far I haven’t found a way to have it work with Google assistant. The only complaint so far is the app. The app doesn’t work very sometimes and can’t connect to the bulb until you restart it. Overall, I would recommend this product, and I think it would make a very nice Christmas gift too!

2nd review for best outdoor security lights | Sengled Floodlight Camera

This product is fantastic. There are preset color options to set the light to, or you can easily change it to any color you want, or you can even have it cycle through the rainbow automatically through the app. You can also change the brightness, and turn the light on and off through the app very easily. I especially like the "Rhythm" setting, which has the color of the light bulb change with the beat of the song you are listening to. The sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker is very good, and it pairs perfectly with my Amazon Echo Dot. It is extremely convenient to regulate the audio with Alexa. It is almost perfect; my only complaint is that you can't control the lights with Alexa as well. Overall this is often an excellent product, and that i highly recommend it!

3rd Review about Sengled security light installation/ setup

The light bulb is really easy to set up, only took a couple minutes to screw it in, download the app connect it to my device via Bluetooth and start playing music and changing the colors. The sound from the bulb is good and it can loud if you turn the volume up. The brightness of the bulb is also good, changing colors aside, it can get really bright and it’s easy to adjust using the app. Overall I’m really happy with this new light bulb and have been enjoying it.

4th Review

It’s one of the best inventions since the wheel was invented! If you ask me to give a one word review of this product, Innovation is all I can say. No one would have thought about LED Light Bulb being so fancy with all the cool functions, controlled by Smartphone. You can change the color, and pick different moods; my daughter likes the rainbow mode particularly. And. You get a speaker on it! The sound is not like a super expensive speaker, but I was impressed by it. If there is an improvement needed, I would say, add a timer function to the app? so it can turn itself on at say 10pm and shut itself off at 7am for a night light. Overall, it's beyond my expectation, highly recommend!

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