Selling Photos Online For Beginners | Make Money Online As Photographer

How to sell photos online and Make Money? Make money online as photographer

Selling photos online and making money with your photography: That is the dream of many camera owners. Hobby photographers in particular have this wish for good reason: After all, the equipment in the form of cameras, lenses and other accessories also wants to be financed. It would be nice if you could finance your own hobby by selling your photos online.
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The good news: You can, and there are many different options available to you. Still, there are a few things to consider if you want to make money out of photography.

Do you want to earn money with your photos? Live from photography! Earning money as a photographer, doing what you love to do all day long. Drive to the subjects in the morning in breathtaking landscapes instead of going to the office to see the documents - most amateur photographers have this desire at some point.

You are often smiled at for such ideas and dreams. You may even smile at yourself. Earn money with photography…! Pfff! What a crap. Stay realistic. Go to the office. Keep photography a hobby.

But what's the best way to do it?
You don't need the best camera gear to sell your own photos. Money can already be made with smartphone snapshots . Because above all it depends on the photographer and how he wants to earn money with photography: The fastest option is to upload his pictures to one of the numerous stock photo portals. Stock photography is proving to be a quick option, but it does not generate much revenue per image sold. Here you have to focus on quantity instead of quality and upload hundreds of photos so that it is worthwhile afterwards. You also need a little luck so that potential customers can find your photos in the agencies' digital catalog. However, it is also possible to make money from photography. Either on the side - or even as a main job.

Is it still possible today to make money from photography?
How is it today when everyone has a great camera and even the cell phone cameras are much better than the SLR cameras from back then? Is it even possible to start making money with photography today?
Our short answer: yes.
“Be good” doesn't just refer to photography. Yes, your photos should be really good. But still there are gigantic photographers who don't make a penny from photography and there are mediocre photographers who make a fortune. Marketing and contacts play a much bigger role if you want to make money from your photos than the photos themselves. Either you should know everyone and establish and maintain new, good and long-term contacts every day. If that isn't your thing, you need excellent marketing to stand out from the crowd of millions of photos, to get noticed, to get people to pay for your exact photos. While it is very easy to make € 10 a month with photography, it seems almost impossible to make € 100 or even € 1000 a month on a regular basis.

In order to make a serious profit with your photos , you have to really get involved, learn a lot, read a lot and implement a lot. “A little bit on the side” is definitely not - like any serious way of making money. Or You Can Join PhotoJobz where you are paid to take photos literally, All you need to do is register and upload your best photographs and sell instantly to potential buyers

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