Best DJ Controllers Under $ 300

Best DJ Controllers Under $ 300

Do you want to start in the world of DJs but do not know which controller to choose? Don't worry: in this Guide we will show you what factors you should take into account when choosing the best DJ controller, or the one that best suits your particular needs.
After having carried out a meticulous analysis of the market, we will tell you which are, in our opinion,  the 7 best DJ controllers on the market taking into consideration both their quality / price ratio and the opinions and verified experiences of users who have already acquired and use. these specific models. In addition, we will give you a summary description of each of the products, in order to support your own purchase decision.
What to keep in mind before buying a DJ controller

Controller types:
  • Generic controllers:They are characterized by being cheaper, but at the same time more incomplete than the "dedicated" ones. They incorporate something like a light version of the program. Updating them to use the full software can be very tedious. For this reason, we only recommend generic drivers for beginners. If you are a more advanced user, the experience of a generic controller can be unsatisfactory.
  • Dedicated controllers: They incorporate a full version of the program, so you will have access to and use all its functions, although, yes, paying a higher price. Due to the extraordinary sound quality they offer and their advanced features, the dedicated drivers are the ones we recommend to the most expert users.

Sound card

A DJ controller with a good built-in sound card will always offer great sound quality , plus full access to all controller features, to get the most out of it. Since the  sound card is an essential feature of any controller , we recommend that you buy a DJ controller with a built-in card, instead of relying on your computer and your own sound card. If your controller supports the integration of a sound card, a cheap card can serve you perfectly to start in this 'hobby', and you can always change it later for a higher quality one.
In case you are a total beginner just getting started, you can buy yourself a cheap DJ controller at first. It will be enough. But if you consider yourself a user with more advanced knowledge, or if you are already a professional, any DJ controller you buy should have at least: microphone input, gain control, dual output and balanced outputs.

Software compatibility

When evaluating the characteristics of a DJ controller, you should always take into account, as the first selection criterion, whether the controller is compatible with the DJ 'software' that you like bestAlmost all of the tables that we present here are compatible with PC (Windows) and MacOS computers, as well as being compatible with iPhone (iOS) and Android 'smartphone' phones, as well as being also compatible with the 'tablets' of these two operating systems.

Controllers that double as a mixer

Some controllers can be connected to CD players , so that they can be used as "analog mixing consoles". Therefore, when choosing your controller, you should take into account whether the controller you are going to buy has auxiliary inputs that allow you to connect it to CD players.

Size and weight

For some users who will need to travel or commute frequently with the controller, the size and weight of the DJ controller can be two very important factors to consider before making a purchasing decision. If you are going to frequently transport your controller from one place to another (for performances, for example), you should consider its size and try to opt for a lightweight controller. But if your plan is to leave the DJ controller at home, like a "fixed" equipment connected to your computer that will always stay in the same place, the "weight" factor would not be as important.

Of course, you should always verify the measurements , the size of the device. For example, you should know in advance whether or not you will be able to place your laptop under the controller, as this will save you a lot of space and make your work much more comfortable.

Top 5 DJ Controllers

1) Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ Controller

The DDJ-400 is a 2-channel controller that works with a USB bus and has a user-friendly design. The DDJ-400 includes jog wheels, cue / loop call buttons, cue and play / pause buttons, EQ and trim knobs, tempo sliders, and headphone cue buttons.
One of the standout features is the DJ Tutorial function, which provides beginning DJs with a step-by-step guide on how to use the controller. The software you use is rekordbox DJ, which includes a free license key. The driver includes a microphone input circuit, a built-in sound card (audio interface), and will automatically install a driver for your operating system.

2) Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 DJ Controller

The Traktor S2 MK3 has been created to give the beginning DJ access to some standard DJ technology that is widely used by some of the best artists in the business. Accessing these functions on a portable controller and being easy to learn is something few DJ controller manufacturers can achieve.
Just a few of the amazing features included are: a smooth 3-band EQ, oversized 5.5-inch jog wheels to give you more control over your mix, and 8 RGB touch-sensitive pads for sample triggering. In addition, other features include effects assignable to sound color effect knobs and an intuitive layout that will educate the novice DJ to progress to more complex professional setups with a layout that is familiar to them.

3) Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

The DDJ-SB3 has been specifically designed for use with Serato DJ Lite, which features Pad Scratch (developed in conjunction with DJ Jazzy Jeff). This is to cater to users who prefer the look of Serato, as opposed to Rekordbox, however they still like to use a Pioneer DJ controller.
The SB3 is a 2-deck 2-channel controller that features two aluminum jog wheels, eight performance pads (on each deck), dedicated Auto Loop, 45mm fader fader, and dedicated play / cue / sync / buttons. change. The Pad Scratch function allows you to play scratches, based on recordings made by DJ Jazzy Jeff, with the push of a button. Another feature worth mentioning is the FX Fade, which allows you to seamlessly switch the incoming track, even if the two music genres differ. The unit is USB powered, has a microphone input circuit, built-in audio interface, and comes with a copy of Serato DJ Lite.

4) Numark Mixtrack Platinum

The Numark Mixtrak Platinum is a DJ controller model that meets the important requirement of value for money, and is also recommended for both advanced users and beginners.

It has a 1.75-inch high-resolution color screen on each jog-wheel. Thus, you will not have to constantly consult the screen of your laptop, 'tablet' or smartphone. In addition, these auxiliary displays built into the jog-wheels monitor information about bpm, cymbal position, time remaining, pitch setting and keylock - a marvel. You can even switch between 4 different decks and control which one is active at all times, while you are mixing.

This DJ controller also has a powerful and flexible audio interface that will run more complicated configurations with native support, and also includes a high - resolution output to 24 bits and 2 headphone outputs dedicated , for a transition between sets. With all these features, nothing will prevent you from creating spectacular mixes, in addition to being able to connect to self-powered speakers (or conventional, through an amplifier), audio recorders and practically any type of mixer.

In terms of its performance controls, this device has a lot to offer, so you can get a lot out of your creativity. It has no less than 16 backlit multi-function performance pads and also multiple pad modes for full control of cue points, auto / manual looping and sample playback.

The only drawback (to name a few) that could be attributed to this DJ controller model is that it does not include any accessories as standard (many users have missed a case or case, which will need to be purchased separately).

5) Pioneer DDJ-WeGo4 DJ Controller

The Pioneer WeGo4 controller has been designed for beginner DJs. Includes all the necessary features to mix tracks like a pro. The DJ controller comes with a copy of Rekordbox and Virtual DJ LE. It's a 2-channel 2-deck mixer with four samples and four hot cue buttons for each deck, two durable backlit jog wheels, a built-in audio interface, and is USB powered.

It has a 3.5 mm mini jack connector and a 6.3 mm connector for headphones and a 6.3 mm microphone. There are a number of outputs available to properly connect your speakers to the DJ controller. In addition to using Rekordbox, there is a WeDJ application that works with the iPad and there is also a slot on the top very useful to keep the iPad in place.


Prices for DJ controllers are highly variable. They will depend on the brand we choose, or the range of services we need.
In this small Guide we have shown you several models, which we have selected for their combination of characteristics and good quality / price ratio.
If you intend to buy a good DJ controller and start or perfect yourself in this exciting activity, any of the devices described in on this page will offer you a balanced set of satisfaction guarantee and good features at an affordable price.

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