aduro amplify pro stereo bluetooth headset reviews

Aduro Amplify Pro SBN45 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Around The Neck Earbud Headphone Headset (Black/Gray)

Aduor Amplify Pro SBN45 , Perfect Bluetooth headset for Working from home and still being able to be hands free. Now You can take calls and hear your clients while keeping hands free to bring up information on the computer and provide them with the help they need. Awesome headphones for the price if you like to listen to music, books, or cartoons while working. The volume is good. The buds are a good fit. But the only trouble is sometimes the audio stutters and comes out 2x speed for a second. If you’re watching along with the audio it is never synced. There seems to be a few second delay.

Charge normally lasts all day, at least 8+ hours of listening to music.
Sound quality is a bit more bass not enough treble, but plenty loud enough.
In addition to a better price, this headset vibrates to alert of an incoming caller. When inserting the earbud, the caller's number is read so people can decide to take or reject the call.

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