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QUESTION: I saw that you can order anything from AliExpress, Is it true?

Answer: Yes , we order and deliver any products from aliexpress to Nepal. All we need is product link , size , color or any other option available.

QUESTION: Why delivery from Aliexpress is so long time

Answer: That’s their shipping method, we can’t help anything regarding this. But Fastest we received product is 12 days.

QUESTION: How can l pay in Aliexpress from Nepal?

Answer: Direct payment from Nepal through local bank or any other means is not possible at the moment. You need to use someone’s card detail from abroad.

QUESTION: when will I get my product

Answer: Shipping generally is 3 types

Fast shipping-7-15 day’s delivery time

Normal shipping 23-45 days delivery time

Slow shipping 28-56 days delivery time, but we don’t recommend slow shipping.

You can see each and every detail (Shipping Company, Estimated delivery time, Shipping cost and tracking information) once you click on shipping option and destination country should be Nepal.

QUESTION: Can we get in same price as on aliexpress?

Answer: Sadly we can’t provide you on same price.

QUESTION: Why is price much higher than in aliexpress?

Answer: You forgot to check shipping charge .

QUESTION: Do you have this/ that …….. product?

Answer: Sorry we don’t sell products, we order and deliver products from aliexpress.

QUESTION: How can we pay you?

Answer : You can pay us via esewa or bank deposit or ime or direct meeting at bhaktapur( location on page map).

QUESTION: What happens if product doesn’t arrives/broken or quantity shortage?

Answer: You will get refund. Full refund if product don’t arrives or damaged, partial refund for quantity shortage.

We are Aliexpress nepal, importing products from aliexpress to nepal.
If you want to order anything from, please send us url link of the product and we will deliver it.

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