Aliexpress Nepal Unboxing Zebra Universal Foot Sustain Pedal Controller Switch Compatible Product - Zebra Universal Foot Sustain Pedal Controller Switch Compatible with all Piano Electronic Keyboards Acessorios Musicais

Zebra Universal Foot Sustain Pedal Controller Switch Compatible with all Piano Electronic Keyboards Accessories Musical

Item specifics
  • Brand Name: Zebra
  • Dimensions: Other
  • Size: 97*72*24mm
  • Type: Grand Piano
  • Number of Keys: 83
  • Maximum Polyphony: 48
  • Weight (kg): 250g
  • Model Number: SKU107055
  • Number of Demo Song: <11
  • Number of Tone: common
  • Applicable People: Beginner
  • Shell Material: Composites
  • Keyboard Material: #
  • Soundboard Material: #
Product Description


The Universal Sustain is a simple, compact and sturdy sustain pedal for electronic keyboard.
The Universal Sustain Pedal is perfect for any application that requires a non-latching momentary switch.
It is compatible with all electronic keyboards.

1.Sustain foot pedal or controller
2.For synthesizers, tone modules, and drum machines
3.Compatible with all electronic keyboards

1.Color: Black
2.Item size: 97*72*24mm
3.Net weight: 250g

Package Included:
1 x Universal Sustain Pedal





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